We are all still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Boy Salas who was due to make his grand entrance into the world between March 4-10. It is now one week later and the little guy is not in a hurry. Pray for Linda, who would very much appreciate having her bladder no longer used as a soccer ball.

Brent and I will leave around the 13th of April to go see the Salas-Simon family, including the new kid on the ranch. Our plans are to take some teaching to the congregation up in Arrayan and to the new church plant in Barbacoa, as well as transport the Bibles you helped to purchase for those same places.

Linda’s mom is sending a couple of big packages of hand-me-downs and other goodies from her side of the family, and we are taking some gifts from the Salas-Simon extended family in Ensenada.

We will return home at the beginning of May.  Pray that the trip would be an encouragement to Andres and Linda and the churches they pastor.