It’s a very good day in the Searway household today.

Yes, the newlyweds are happy. Justin and Rosita, recently married, are happy setting up a home. They are sweet and happy and perfect.

But today we’re not happy because of them.

And yes, Emily is getting ready to move to the San Diego area. She wants to be closer to home and we approve of that. (Smile. Still smiling. Cheesy, sappy grin.)

But today we’re not happy for that, either.

Today we are happy because after a year of treatments for a cancer that reared its ugly head again, after 6 rounds of treatment–each round 42 days in all–, after 14 days of the nasty, nasty stuff, TONIGHT IS BRENT’S LAST NIGHT OF CHEMOTHERAPY!

We are fairly dancing on air we are so elated.

We will celebrate by . . . (drumroll, somebody?)

. . . having a 6 pm meeting with Ensenada pastors about a marriage course that we will be offering at the end of May! What better way to celebrate than doing ministry? We are so excited to get going again!

The last MRI that Brent had indicated that the cancer is not growing. That was a couple of months and a few treatments ago, so we are going ahead and assuming that we will have a green light from the doctor. (Our next MRI is on June 1.)

Where to start? Where to start?

#1 on Brent’s list of things to do: Eat more vegetables! If you have seen us in the last several years you know all about Brent’s (pond scum) green drink every morning and his diet rich in vegetables and more vegetables. If you’ve been around us in this last year you will know that he has been limited on the vegetables he can eat (or drink). He CANNOT WAIT to get back to his healthier diet. He will have about a month or two of recuperation time to let the chemo get out of his system, but when he is able to, watch out! The Vita-Mix will be producing the nastiest greenest stuff you ever did taste!

#2 Do ministry! In late May our friends Andy and Paulette Ainsworth will be coming to Ensenada to do a “Marriage Intensive” with several couples in leadership. We have already taken the Intensive, but will do it again while they are in town.

After that we will be kicking off a year of monthly marriage meetings with another group of ministry leaders in Ensenada. Andy and Paulette will be teaching and Brent and I will be translating for the time being, but soon we will be taking the teaching to different areas Mexico by ourselves. These two events will be our final training for teaching.

We want to see Andrés and Linda! Keep praying for them. They are constantly suffering from hateful rumors spread in their region, rumors meant to weaken and discourage them. Help us to pray for courage for them.

We want to see the Huicholes! We miss them and want to see for ourselves that they are doing well. We also want to help them sell their jewelry! In the next few days we will be sending out information on their Jewelry sales and how you can be a part of it.

Thanks to God for letting Brent finish chemotherapy. Thanks to God for His healing of Brent’s body. Let’s get going!