The Situation

Marriage is wonderful, but marriage takes work. Even ministry marriages have their struggles. Our friends live in areas where they may be the only strong Christians. They live in places where they cannot get frequent access to the internet, and there are no Christian bookstores nearby. When they come up against an issue in their own marriage or in the marriages within their churches, whom can they turn to?

Our Training

We have jointly completed training offered through the ministry Great Commandment entitled Intimate Encounters: A Guide to Improving Marriages.

The teaching includes:

  • Assessing Marriage Intimacy
  • Healing Hurts through Confession and Forgiveness
  • Studying the Family Tree
  • Finding Emotional Closeness
  • Discovering and Filling our Needs and Those of our Spouse
  • Establishing a Vision for Marriage and Family

Through EPIC we seek to:

  • minister to the pastoral couples of the communities we serve (see Communities);
  • teach marriage enrichment classes to the couples within the communities we serve.

More on Ministries…

For more details about the specific ministry programs we currently offer, check out the following pages of our website:

  1. Ministry Overview
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Lay Counseling
  4. Marriage Enrichment (this page)