Ramon and Rosita Ruiz

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

About them.

Ramon and Rosita met and married in 1984 shortly after they each became Christians. In 1988 they began meeting with some people in their home on Sundays, effectively starting a new church called Vino Nuevo.

In 1989 when we served a summer at Rancho Santa Marta home for children, we met Ramon and were impressed with his love for the people and faith in the Gospel. When we moved to Mexico full time in 1993, we immediately looked for his church and began attending.

About 450 people now attend Vino Nuevo weekly, in two services. But Vino Nuevo still has only one full-time employee: the pastor. Vino Nuevo has church plants, sends and supports several Mexican missionaries around the world, provides ministry to children, youth and adults, both women and men. It sustains discipleship programs, evangelism groups, and visitation teams. The members serve in a variety of camps and parachurch organizations around the city, often reaching into other regions of Mexico.

What we do.

Since 2000 we have been part of the leadership team at the church. Through EPIC we work with Ramon and Rosita and the other leaders of the church to form structure for sustaining and supporting the church growth. Developing leaders, healing marriages, and care counseling are some of the areas we teach.

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