At EPIC we understand the importance of being covered by authority.  God is our ultimate authority, and he has set in place the following organizations and individuals to be authority over us in this work.

Local Spiritual Authority

The first blessing: we come under the supervision of our pastor in Ensenada, Ramon Ruiz. He has been our pastor since 1993, and we have served in leadership in his church (Vino Nuevo) since 2000. Coming under his leadership is natural for us.   He writes this to all of you.

We are very grateful to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to see the glory of God in the life of our dear brother and sister Brent and Allyson Searway, whom, after months of fighting cancer are resuming a new phase of ministry which promises to bring a great blessing to the Church in our region and even beyond.

We extend a warm welcome to EPIC Ministries in Mexico, a ministry focused on the servant leader, the method of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Faithful Servant.

I invite us all to come together in prayer and support for our friends the Searways, so that the Mexican church might have leaders like Jesus and His disciples.

Ramon Ruiz, Pastor, Vino Nuevo


Administrative Authority

Another blessing: we thought we might have to start our own non-profit 501(c)(3), a burdensome and costly endeavor, but instead we have been graciously invited to come under the umbrella ministry Link International Ministries, founded by our dear friends Pablo and Martha Garcia.

Pablo and Martha say:

We are so pleased to have Brent and Allyson as co-laborers here in Mexico! Having both worked with them and been close friends for so many years, we are witness to their integrity and passion for missions! We are so excited for this new phase of ministry for them and what it means for those that they will be training and serving!

Board of Directors

Link International has its own advisory board to which we will be reporting regularly.  See each board member’s bio on our Board Member’s page.

More About Us…

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