The mission of EPIC Ministries in Mexico is to equip leaders in the Mexican church in order to impact their communities effectively: their family, the church body, and the area in which they live.


EPIC Ministries in Mexico is committed to serving autonomous non-denominational Evangelical churches in Mexico who seek to increase their impact in the communities of family, church, and neighbors.

We seek to bring organization to the church dynamic; we seek to facilitate the identification and training of lay servant leaders who can effectively support the pastor; we seek to bring resources in literature, training and counseling so that the pastor, along with his leadership, can facilitate growth and impact among the people they influence; principally their own families, widening to the church body and their families, and then again more to the community at large.

We are committed to carrying out this calling with three established churches:

  1. Comunidad Cristiana Vino Nuevo in Ensenada, Baja California, under Ramon Ruiz;
  2. Huichol congregations in Huejuquilla el Alto and Tenzompa, Jalisco, under Rogelio Avila and Luis Carrillo;
  3. Iglesia Agua Viva in Arrayán, Nayarit, under Andres Salas.

We are also committed to extending the reach of the ministry as God wills, expecting He will open doors to other opportunities as well as provide the resources.

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